Activity Labels -WixMix® are specifically designed for those with Autism, ADHD and Alzheimer’s.  For many, following step-by-step procedures can sometimes be a challenge. That’s where Activity Labels – WixMix® can help.  Confusing tasks are broken down into a few sequential steps using simple directions and clear, colorful pictures.

Each Activity Label is produced with a unique adhesive technology.  It is an innovative new label that sticks to most any clean surface and can be moved and reused over and over again.  With dozens of Activity Label – WixMix® lines, most any multi-step task is transformed into an easily understandable, achievable goal.

HOW TO USE: Complete the activity by organizing and keeping track of each step. To begin, choose a nearby surface* and stick each label to it in a vertical or horizontal “start” row. As each step is accomplished, peel the label away from that row and stick it in a new “finish” row. When the task is done, each step of the activity will be in a new “finish” row.

NOTE: Background of Labels are white, images on the website may show a different hue/shadow for the background color.

Please click on the package link below to purchase a set of Activity Labels (WixMix):

Dressing Activities
Girls Get Dressed Picture Labels Package
Boys Get Dressed Picture Labels Package
Putting on Coat Picture Labels Package/a>
Putting on Shirt Picture Labels Package
Bathroom Activities
Boys Bathroom Steps Picture Labels
Girls Bathroom Steps Picture Labels
Washing Hands Labels Package
Washing Face Picture Labels Package
Washing Hair Picture Labels Package
Brushing Teeth Picture Labels Package
Cleaning Ears Picture Labels Package
Cleaning Fingernails and Hands Picture Labels Package
Cleaning Feet Picture Labels Package
Cleaning Toilet Picture Labels
Cleaning Tub Picture Labels
Custom Labels
Custom Labels

* non-porous