These videos will give you an introduction to StickWix® labels and their uses for everyday at home use and in healthcare environments. In addition to our basic, erasable ATHome® labels, we have created special picture label systems for specific communities, including individuals with ASD/ADHD, allergies, or with special diets. There is also an industrial line for use in healthcare facilities.

Welcome to Stickwix®!

STICKWIX Opener from Stickwix® on Vimeo.

How to clean your Stickwix® Labels

How to clean labels-HD-2 from Stickwix® on Vimeo.

GLUTEN Free Labels

Gluten Free-HD from Stickwix® on Vimeo.

NOT Mine Labels

Not_Mine-HD from Stickwix® on Vimeo.

Kitchen Labels

Stickwix! Kitchen label and Not Mine from Stickwix on Vimeo.


Wixer -current sizes from Stickwix® on Vimeo.

Note Pad

Note Pad from Stickwix® on Vimeo.

Activity Labels WixMix

WixMix -Focus from Stickwix on Vimeo.

Testimonials – Labels Being Used

Afternoon Schedule from Stickwix® Review on YouTube.