“What Healthcare/Other Industries and People Are Saying About Stickwix®.”
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 “Advantage Allergy Services was looking for an adhesive solution.”  – Maurice S.

“Our special requirements included something that would stick to human skin and peel away without pain, including on a hairy surface. It also had to be reusable and hygienic. Stickwix® provided the answer we needed. Stickwix® worked with us to create custom designed stickers perfect for our skin testing. A special sticker is placed on the patient’s back or arm, designating a testing area. Inside the sticker holes provide locations for the testing sites. The sticker is color coded and labeled, as the Environment Test is 50 sites, and the Adult Food Test is 60 sites. This allows our nurses to carefully and consistently map out a patient’s back and keep all 60 sites clearly and easily organized. When the test is completed, the stickers peel off the patient’s skin easily and without fuss, even on pediatric patients or hairy patients. Wash them with warm, soapy water and they are ready for reuse. Stickwix® was easy to work with, being both friendly and professional. They grasped our concepts quickly, delivered in a timely manner, and provided excellent value for their price.”

“I am an Environmental Director and Dietary Manager for a LTC facility in Kansas”..Kim S.

“My name is Kim Solomon. I am an Environmental and Dietary Director for a 72 bed LTC facility in Wichita Ks. Since using the Stickwix®, we have seen a 65% decrease in falls and elopement seeking behaviors. We use the stop signs on our doors leading out of the households on our dementia unit. The residents will go to the doors and see them and turn around. The label pads are great to write directions on. We use a lot of them to remind residents to use their call lights, turn on bathroom lights and to wait for assistance. Since using them in two rooms these residents have not had a fall in 2 months. Another one we use often are the fluid restriction. They are great to put over the residents night stand to remind staff and family on the amount of fluid a resident can have. They are so much nicer than all the taped paper most LTC resort to. Families have commented on the appearance of the Stickwix® and how much better they like them. Our therapy department have been testing many of your samples for showering, brushing teeth, brushing hair and getting dressed on our short term side for residents that have had strokes or memory problems. They are used for 5 to 15 days at a time and then the housekeeping department cleans them and they get stored. All of them are holding up great. I can not say enough about your product and the quality and appearance it has. They really help to bring our facility to a home like environment and keep a clean look as well. I cant wait to see what else you develop.”

 “I absolutely love these labels.” – Amanda – Real Estate Agent, Red Bank, NJ.

“They affix and clean easily. I use them daily on my jars and containers. When I change what goes in, my label is easily removed and cleaned and all I do is pop it right back on. They come in so many great colors, shapes and sizes.”

 “These sticky allergen labels have become one of the most important items in my kitchen!” – Juli L.

“As a mom with celiac disease and a tween daughter with celiac disease, these sticky allergen labels have become one of the most important items in my kitchen! I travel a lot and many times caregivers/nanny aren’t sure what is gluten free and safe for my daughter to eat. These removable labels are a lifesaver and time saver. They take all of the guess work out of deciding what my daughter can eat. Helpful too, because when I’m not around or can’t be reached, my daughter can also be sure that she is choosing to eat something that won’t make her sick. The best part is that they can be used on just about anything. They deliver a clear message, are eye catching, and they stick like glue, so they won’t fall off! Save yourself time and worry – add these to a must-have in your kitchen. You won’t be sorry!”

“We love our Stickwix® labels!  They are a true help in our home.” – Kelly T.

“The labels have helped us stay organized and healthy.”  Watch the Video

 “StickWix® are a must have in the kitchen.” – Erica E.

“Being able to label things, especially in the fridge, I have been able to keep leftovers long enough to take them to work the next day for lunch. I have a three year old and a five year old, both girls, and they think all the food in the fridge is theirs. They now know the “no” symbol and the words, “Not Mine.” The snacks and foods meant for them are labeled as such. When they are finished eating, they know to remove the StickWix® and put it on the counter so I can wash them off for next use. They enjoy helping me label their foods and mine. The ease of use and ability to use a dry eraser marker make StickWix® amazing AND reusable! How cool is THAT?! When they are not in use, I keep them on my fridge door where I won’t lose them. I will be purchasing more to use on different things to ensure little hands know what is theirs and what is not and for organization of my business products and supplies. It’s a great learning tool for them. It helps in self-discipline and respect of their things as well as mine. I have tried multiple times to do a video with my older daughter talking about them. She just freezes. As soon as I turn of the video recorder on my phone, she talks about how she wants some with “little kid designs and her own dry erase marker.”

 “I love the gluten free labels from Stickwix®.” – Lisa P.

“You know the labels work when your 15 year old doesn’t look in the refrigerator and pantry and say, ‘Mom,
there’s nothing gluten free in here.’ The labels are easy to apply and re-apply to different surfaces.”

 “The Stickwix® labels have helped immensely!” – Renee H.

“I have used the Stickwix® , “Not Mine” labels for my niece whom has downs syndrome. Her nick name is Swiper. She has been taking things that do not belong to her. Cell phone, charger, wallet, money. The Stickwix® labels have helped immensely. Not only has she stopped taking things that are not hers, she is very proud of herself. I am so grateful and relieved. I highly recommend them. Thank you!”