Reusable Reminder Labels Can Help Kids with ADHD

Reusable Reminder Labels can be a helpful organizational tool for children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder. That’s great news for the 6.4 million children aged 4 to 17 who have been diagnosed with ADHD and are seeking treatment. *

reusable reminder labelsSome common signs of ADHD are carelessness, impulsivity, disorganization and the inability to focus. However, with medication, diet modification and/or behavioral therapy, this disorder is highly treatable. Parents can play a key role in managing the challenges of ADHD and empowering their child to take control of the symptoms.

One of the most difficult things about parenting a child with ADHD is getting your child to do what you ask. Daily routines, such as getting ready for school or bed and getting homework done, can become battlegrounds. ADHD symptoms are obstacles to understanding and following instructions.

One way to navigate these obstacles is to establish daily routines through carefully constructed prompts. An action becomes a habit through continual reminders and repetition. With reusable reminder labels such as Stickwix, helpful hints can be posted to almost any surface. Colorful pictures and action sequences remind children of the steps involved in each task and helps reinforce routine.

Another helpful tool is a daily checklist. Children with ADHD are visual learners. Staying on top of tasks is much easier if you have a map to chart your course. Plus, by completing tasks and recording their accomplishments, it gives children a sense of pride and control over their behaviors and actions.

Finally, most important and impactful tool you can use with your child is praise. By acknowledging a job well done, you can help build self-esteem.  Plus, a few compliments cut down on the battles and help promote harmony in the home—something every parent strives for.

*According to the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention

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