Stickwix® also offers custom labels. Our custom labels are removable and reusable adhesive labels designed specifically for you. Made from a high quality vinyl, these urethane backed labels stick to most any non-porous surface, including metal, tile, ceramic, porcelain, glass and plastic. In addition, our Custom labels are virtually indestructible. Made from a soft, durable material, they retain their shape under challenging conditions. They are heat and cold resistant, can be washed and used repeatedly for years to come.

Please contact us with your specifications and artwork that is owned by you (photographs, images, clip-art). We can only use photos, artwork owned by you, we are not able to use copyrighted or trademarked logos, company logos, copyrighted images and photos.

We can design your custom labels in various shapes and sizes and also can tailor the custom labels to your business or personal use. Contact us at or 1-866-829-7788 for more information.