The Stickwix® story.

Keeping young kids on task can be a challenge. Especially when they’re easily distracted. It’s a problem millions of parents face every day.  But for one mom, it became an inspiration for innovation.

Since she often traveled for work, Gina Weising  needed a way to remind her son to make healthy choices when she couldn’t be home. So she developed write-on labels that could withstand refrigeration, washing and repeated use. Her food labeling system was a success. Soon, family and friends were jumping on the bandwagon, exploring other uses for her innovative product.

One friend, in particular, found a new purpose for Stickwix®. A purpose that would prove life changing. She began using the Stickwix® labels as a developmental aid for her autistic son. Everyday tasks became achievable thanks to step-by-step instructions pictured on the durable, removable, reusable labels.

Today, the Stickwi® INFocus® line features more than 500 labels representing tasks, places, activities, objects, and people that kids encounter every day, but can be a present challenges for kids with autism.  The versatile, writable, picture labels  can be used to help children or adults on the autism spectrum develop new skills through visual cues.

Thanks to a high-quality urethane adhesive, Stickwix® labels are some of the most durable on the market. From healthcare facilities to schools, these innovative new labeling systems are being used to meet dozens of specialized needs including; allergy identification, diet and nutrition support, and ADHD/Alzheimers communication.